GTA V PC Version Sold Over 1 Million Units Worldwide In First 24 Hours (Day One): Report


Grand Theft Auto V arrived today on PC, and as per the details coming out from numerous sources/stats calculators, GTA V PC has sold over 1 Million copies worldwide in just a day (first 24 hours). Twitter user Steam Spy tweeted that currently there are over 1 Million users on steam that own GTA V on PC, 1074894 ± 80049.


The thing worth noting here is that this figure from Steam Spy does not include number of GTA V PC units sold outside Steam i.e. retail or digital version of GTA V PC sold from other retailers or outlet are not included in Steam Spy's figure.

"#GTAV owners on Steam: 1074894 ± 80049. It's really early number and it doesn't include copies sold outside Steam." reads a tweet from Steam Spy.

So, its safe to say GTA V now holds new record, PC version selling over 1 Million units worldwide in first 24 hours. Congrats to Rockstar Games and Take-Two.

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