Star Wars: Battlefront Dev To PC Gamers: "Buy PS4 or Xbox One If You Want Split-Screen Co-op"

Star Wars: Battlefront

Yesterday, DICE Lead Designer Dennis Branvall has confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront Split-Screen feature would be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. Today via Twitter, Branvall advised PC gaming community to buy another gaming PC or PS4/Xbox One if they want to play Star Wars: Battlefront with each other.

Star Wars: Battlefront

This advise didn't go down to well with PC community and some of them openly accused EA and DICE for filling their pockets and not caring at all about gamers especially PC gamers.

When a fan asked: Why no splitscreen for PC version of Star Wars: Battlefront? Dennis replied: "are there a lot of blockbuster shooters that support splitscreen online for PC?"

"Put it on the second monitor. I'm all for couch PC gaming. Like you I keep my pc there always

yes, if you only had the option of one machine but you really wanted couch splitscreen co-op, you should have got a ps4 or xb1"

When a fan raised an objection to Dennis' clarification: "So, since other companies don't pay attention to this you won't either? Pretty crappy justification, IMHO" He clarified:

"I don't think I have the answer that will make you satisfied. It's the reality of game development."

The damage was already done by Dennis and accusation kept coming from disappointed PC gamers. Dennis was forced to end the entire conversation with the following words:

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