Blizzard Revealed Starcraft II Patch 1.2 Details

Blizzard today gives out some details about the second patch for their successful game title Starcraft II. The second patch for the game will be basically focus on many of the e-sport feature in the games and also on the balance changes.

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About the release date they said it will be coming out at the end of this year.

Chris Sigaty, Lead Producer said, "It'slargely our e-sport patch. A couple of big things that will be in there are support for the season rolling, so players can look at the history of how they did in past seasons."

"There will be bugfixes, balance changes and tweaks, too. Chat is the other major thing we want to get in there next patch. We’ll also add more significant features to the editor.”

He further explained that "[Balance] is an ongoing process that, honestly, will take a year or longer to do,"

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