New GTA V Unlimited Money Glitch Discovered, Works Post Patch 1.26 On PS4 and Xbox One, Full Details Revealed


Another unlimited money glitch found in Grand Theft Auto V after patch 1.26 released YouTuber Sir Weed has found and filmed a new duplication method that currently works on all the console versions of Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One). The cheat allows you to dupe cars and sell them, without bypassing, anyway, the 45-minute wait between a car and another.


The method consists of duping cars by setting up a deathmatch, putting it just outside the garage, ensuring that all your other garages are full of cars. Once you do this, walk into the deathmatch ring but exit and switch characters.

On your second character, run back to the garage and the game will ask you to replace a car in your garage; then you have to choose which car to replace and then you’ll have a dupe.

Of course you can sell the car and make some cash, and repeat the method until you fill up your garage with something like the Panto to make even more extra cash, that you can put the cash in your bank account if you want to share it between the characters on your account.

When a 45-minute bypass glitch becomes available for GTA V, it seems, you’ll be able to use it as well. The 45-minute wait is still in effect for this particular duplication glitch, anyway.

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