GTA V PC Players Receiving Ban For Using Cosmetic Mods, Customer Support Response Causes Massive Confusion


Since Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived on PC, modding community has started to work on mods both cosmetic and game changing, encountering Rockstar Games’ obvious reactions. The
developer has refused to provide players a list of bannable mods and tricks, so community is currently playing it by ear when it comes to online gameplay.


One user posted an image on Reddit saying he got banned from GTA Online simply because he was using a mod to alter the field of view parameter. The point is that many other gamers, answering to the thread, stated that they didn’t receive any ban even using that very same mod.

Another thread displays a screengrab made by an user who asked Rockstar Games if cosmetic mod can actually result in ban.

What does Rockstar Games mean by “cosmetic mods”, anyway? Probably Craig C. from Rockstar Support is referring to visual changes like color and environment effects, while an FOV mod is
probably achieved accessing the game’s memory like a trainer would do.

Trainers accessing the game’s memory are not allowed in any online game, and GTA V makes no difference on this. Waiting for Rockstar Games to make the ban criteria clearer, what’s your
opinion about the mod matter? Share it in the comments section below.

GTA V Mod PC Ban

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