Square Enix and SEGA Releasing Shenmue I & II Remastered, Shenmue III on PS4 and Steam in 2016?

Shenmue I/II HD Remaster for PS4

According to a few teaser images circulating on the Internet, Square Enix and SEGA are back to work on the Shenmue series, which is supposed to return in 2016 with two big releases. Based on this rumor coming from an internal conference, the first should be an HD Remaster of both Shenmue I and II.

Shenmue I/II HD Remaster for PS4

This idea comes from the fact that one of the images now available contains three petals. Each of them has cuts and, while the third one has three cuts, the first and the second have respectively one and two cuts only. Perhaps they are symbolizing Shenmue I and II.

As we said, the third petal has three cuts and this could mean a third episode of the long running Dreamcast series could be coming for real. This same image includes PlayStation 4 and Steam only names and logos in the footer, so it's going to be an exclusive affair of PC and Sony's console, as far as we know.

Anyway, watch out for fakes, since it's not the first time that pre-E3 get hot because of Shenmue remasters and new episodes rumors. Do you believe this one or not?

Shenmue I and II HD Remaster For PS4/PC

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