Fallout 4 Lead Protagonist's First Details Emerging From A Leak, Confirmed As Legit By Today's In-Game Trailer

Fallout 4 Lead Protagonist

Last year Kotaku's leak about Fallout 4 protagonist seems to have been confirmed by today's first in-game trailer revealing the game. The script obtained by the famous website, in fact, speaks about a man with a wife and a child, both included in the trailer.

Fallout 4 Lead Protagonist

Protagonist's great great-grandfather was a man serving in the Army during Second World War (1945) but now (21th Century) "we now stand on the brink of total war – and I am afraid".

The script says the player "meets a group of battle-weary mercenaries" (Commonwealth Minutemen) whose leader is called Preston Garvey. We will be talking to him in the first stages of the game, according to Kotaku's leak.

Furthermore, physical appearance from the leak seems to have been confirmed in the trailer revealed today. Take a look at the script and then to some screenshots taken from the trailer:

fallout-4-lead-protagonist-leaked-script-image-1.png fallout-4-lead-protagonist-leaked-script-image-2.png fallout-4-lead-protagonist-screenshot-1.jpg fallout-4-lead-protagonist.jpg

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