Happy Birthday PlayStation - 15 years in Europe

PlayStation is now 15 years old in Europe. 15 years back on 29th September 1995, Sony released the PlayStation 1 and established it as one of the most known successful brand worldwide.

Sony PlayStation Evolution

PlayStation is not just for pure enjoyment. Countless engagements, social projects and events from Sony. PlayStation has now become more than just a game console.

Since then, 102 million PS1 consoles, over 140 million PS2 consoles and  38 million PS3 consoles and 62 million PSP consoles are sold. The very first PlayStation game was Ridge Race followed by other titles such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto or Resident Evil, all of which were established on PlayStation platforms.

Great 15 years. We congratulate PlayStation and hope for more in coming years.

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