The Order: 1886 PS4 Like Graphics Achievable On Xbox One, RAD's Engine and Tech Suite Is Multiplatform: Paul Sams

Xbox One vs PS4

Ready At Dawn has just announced that some big changes to the working of the studios and what are the focus area of future for them. Firstly, Ready At Dawn announced that Paul Sams, the man who worked at Blizzard for 20 years, is now the new CEO of Ready At Dawn. Also, Ready At Dawn opens a new office in Austin, Texas, and the main focus will be development and publishing (in simple term, Ready At Dawn will now be self-publishing their games).

Xbox One vs PS4

These are indeed some massive changes. Speaking to our friend at GameInformer on all these big changes at Ready At Dawn, Paul Sams, made an interesting comment which will act like a big boon to Xbox community. Paul Sams stated that The Order: 1886 like graphics is achievable on Xbox One, PC and additional unannounced platform.

When asked: "Does Mr. Sams' appointment or the creation of a publishing arm change the studio's close relationship with Sony? Do you have plans for more games on non-Sony platforms"

Sams replied:

"We have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Sony. They are a great company with whom we have shared many successes over the years. As a result, it is hard to imagine not seeing our future games on one or more of the Sony platforms.

At the same time, we have worked very hard to make sure that our engine and technology suite is multiplatform. What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform."

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Source: GameInformer

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