Microsoft says Kinect will be the biggest launch in history

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios ensuring that Kinect will be "bigger" launch in the history of industry, leaving behind even the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii.

Kinect for Xbox 360

According to their words "We are investing in this like we've never invested in a platform launch. We'll have a huge launch portfolio, we want to sell more units than any console has ever sold in its first holiday, a new platform."

"In North America 7,000 retailers are doing midnight events when we ship and our pre-order momentum looks huge. So this, for us, is bigger than Xbox launch, bigger than 360 launch - this is a big deal for us. How many units are we going to sell? We're completely goaled in investing as if this were the biggest console launch ever, and that's our expectation."

To remind you guys, in US it will launch on November 4 for the price of $199 arcade, and the $299 bundle this holiday with Kinect and the game. Kinect will launch in the UK on November 10 priced £129.99. Well lets hope their words becomes true.

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