Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer "Was Captured In-Engine, Lot Of Details To Be Found In The Trailer" Confirms Bioware

Mass Effect Andromeda

At E3 2015, Electronic Arts and Bioware showcased a short glimpse of new Mass Effect game titled as "Mass Effect Andromeda". It will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during Holiday Season 2016. The graphics and visuals details was of top notch, truly next-gen, but was it actual gameplay? According to Mass Effect Producer Michael Gamble, Mass Effect Andromeda trailer/footage was captured in-game.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Michael Gamble tweeted:

"Excited to present #MEAndromeda to the world for the first time. Welcome to a new galaxy, friends

Also, that trailer you just saw used footage captured from in engine... "

He later on stated that this short teaser trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda features lot of details.

"There's a lot of details to be found in that trailer. Have fun..."

So the ball is now in the court of Mass Effect series fans. What details you discovered in the debut trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda? Tell us in the comment section below.

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