Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases In Good Timing To Help PlayStation 4 Sell More

FF7 Remake For PS4

Director Tetsuya Nomura has discussed with Engadget the timing of Final Fantasy VII Remake, highly requested by fans for years and coming only next year, after a very long and silent wait. So, why is Square Enix working on and announcing it right now, right at E3 2015?

FF7 Remake For PS4

Here's Nomura's answer on this topic:

"Why now? This week at E3 we announced several titles coming to the PS4: not only FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and World of Final Fantasy, but [also] a new Star Ocean and more. Rather than announce the remake after those titles went on sale, we wanted to give gamers something that would make them happy – open them up, perhaps, to buying into the PS4."

So it's also a matter of platforms. Square Enix thinks that Final Fantasy VII Remake will help PlayStation 4 to sell more in all the territories, and so will do other exclusive titles such as Star Ocean and World of Fantasy.

Do you agree with him or was there enough room to release it a few years ago?


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