Media Molecule's Dreams Will Support Project Morpheus, It's A Game Maker But Will Have Developer-Created Content

Media Molecule's Dreams

After its fuzzy E3 2015 presentation, Dreams has become a mysterious game among the community of PlayStation fans, which has been wondering for a couple of days what could this game really be about. Creative director Mark Healey tried to explain it in an interview released to Engadget.

Media Molecule's Dreams

Media Molecule is admitting there’s a bit of confusion about the game on the net, but doesn’t seem to be worried about it, as Dreams is an experience to be shaped by players along the road. That’s according to Healey, at least:

"The main confusion I've seen reading on the net does seem to be that people are like, 'Is it a movie maker? Is it a game maker? What is it?' The communities will probably define that. But it's absolutely a game. We are making games with it. What you will choose to make with it, what the community will choose to make with it -- that's the cool thing. We don't know."

Just like LittleBigPlanet, you can create your own games with Dreams, but it looks like Media Molecule pushed on the creative aspect of it, this time around.

"You can be a game director. You don't have to do anything. Because it's all live, connected online. ... We're pushing collaboration as much as we can. So if you want to be in your bedroom on your own for three days and work on your magnum opus, that's cool. That's legit. But actually, it's a much more welcoming world if you can go in and it's like, 'Hey! This dude over here is building skyscrapers.'"

Looks like the game will support virtual reality and Project Morpheus when it launches:

"Let's just say Anton Mikhailov, who helped build the first-ever Morpheus prototype, is at Molecule now. ... So I'll leave it at that."

Will there be Media Molecule content in it or is Dreams all about user generated content?

"At Media Molecule, we're game makers so we're making games with it. So there will be Media Molecule content there. The scope of that is to be announced. But it will be there and it will be good."

Sounds good, after all. What’s your take on this? Is Dreams on your 2016 wish list?

Source: Engadget

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