Xbox LIVE to have a TV Channel?

Rumors like this are good to listen, now there is a rumor in the gaming world that Microsoft will soon bring a TV channel to Xbox live. A source close to BLoomberg reveal that the company Microsoft is in talk with Peter Chernin a former employee of Fox for bringing a TV channel to Xbox Live where all new shows will be telecast.

Well for getting this Micrsoft will be panig have hefty sum so they will be increasing the price of the Gold Membership by a few dollar per month, So get ready to bare this hole in your pocket for viewing a TV over a Xbox Live.

We are yet to have a confirmation whether this service will be particular to US or not, we will get you soon on this as we get inform in this regard. We want to know whether you like this rumor or not so for this do leave your opinion as a comment to this article.

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