M.A.G. Patch 2.0 out now - Includes Move Support

Zipper Interactive has release patch 2.0 for their online shooter MAG, which brings many new features in the game. The most important feature added is the support of PlayStation Move, which gives the total different gameplay experience.

MAG 2.0 screenshot

Here's the full change log:

Patch v2.0
Available September 30th, 2010 | 36MB (TPPS), 532MB (DLS)

Gameplay (General)

  • Character level cap has been increased from level 60 to level 70
  • Added new “Supply Depot” menu and in-game economy system (see “Gameplay – Economy” section for details)
  • Implemented new “Clan Deploy” feature that allows Clan Leaders and Officers to deploy into group queues of up to 128 players
  • Characters moving from MAG v1.XX to MAG 2.0 will receive an immediate and automatic Respec the first time they log in
  • Repair Kits can now inflict damage on enemy soldiers, vehicles and objectives
  • XP rate for “Repair” has been increased from 1.5XP/10pts to 3XP/ 10pts
  • Players can now track all “sprinting” enemies on the mini-map without the need for equipment
  • All “Damage Bar” rates for “Domination” maps have reverted back to their original (and identical) values
  • Tuned the frequency in which a player can jump to eliminate “bunny hopper” techniques
  • Reduced helicopter settle time, widened turret rotation and significantly increased health to strengthen their use as a forward spawn point
  • The “Silent Step” OIC Leadership ability now works as intended by allowing nearby squadmates to move at both regular and running speeds without detection from the motion sensor – does not stack with any related skills or modifiers


  • Added “Community News” page to better inform players in-game of all MAG-related events or promotions
  • Different grenade types now show specific in-game icons when thrown
  • Repaired bug that would sometimes result in the post-game results screen displaying the incorrect amount of earned XP
  • Added “Total Awarded Currency Points” to “Bonuses” section of the character “Stats” page

Audio/ Visual

  • Thrown or launched grenades now have a “trail” effect as well as an updated overall appearance to make them more visible on the battlefield
  • Solved issue that prevented equipped grenades to appear in the player’s hand prior to throwing them
  • An assortment of camera and animation optimizations for various scenarios including but not limited to iron sight/ laser sight zoom, ladder climbing, mine placement, self-healing, and weapon swapping
  • Improved presentation of the character “jump” animation
  • Updated various pieces of artwork with newer versions for better performance
  • Fixed issue that sometimes prevented medical device appearance and/ or animations from displaying properly
  • Increased the Sensor Array’s animation time to match the duration of its usage
  • Repaired bug that prevented the “Alarm” audio from being played when charges were planted at “Objective C” in the “Syr Daria Uplink” and “Darrien Network” maps
  • Slightly lowered the amount of camera shake from air strikes, explosions, and when firing weapons
  • Repaired camera “pop” problem that would sometimes occur when sprinting out of a parachute drop
  • Removed “shiny” graphics that would randomly appear on bridges for all maps in which a bridge is present
  • Fixed issue that prevented win/ loss voice-over from being played when game clock expires in “Interdiction” mode
  • Improved visual appearance of the Ribbon awards


  • MAG now fully supports the PlayStation Move peripheral
  • Fixed “Spooning Elevator” bug that allowed players who revived downed teammates while laying on top of them to float upwards and reach areas not intended to be accessed
  • “MVP” criteria no longer considers bonus XP modifiers in its equation
  • Repaired issue that disconnected some members of large-sized clans from the MAG game environment when logging in
  • Fixed issue that would sometimes halt the patching process at 99% of the install period
  • Resupply Depots have been optimized so that the meter accurately reflects what is being resupplied and the resupply process itself is more efficient
  • Players can no longer take the driver’s seat in vehicles that are not their squad’s “spawn” APC, but can take any other seat in the vehicle regardless if their squad “owns” the APC or not
  • Repaired issue with “Happy Hour” timer that would sometimes shave a few minutes off the correct total
  • Solved problem that sometimes caused incapacitated players to rotate and move around
  • Players are now prevented from spawning inside a helicopter that is headed out of the map
  • Mended problem that caused the “Primary Objectives Completed” stat to sometimes double for various game types
  • Made additional fixes for rare “game crash” scenarios
  • Various localization updates and changes

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