Star Wars Battlefront Not Being Developed By Battlefield Team, But Not Going Away From DICE's Signature Features

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is currently in development at DICE, as you might have heard, but the team working on it is not the very same of the Battlefield series. Senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir has clarified herself not ever been a part of the Battlefield team, even though the first DICE Star Wars game will retain the classic DNA of the Swedish developer, when talking about shooting.

Star Wars: Battlefront

This is was the senior producer said to Gamesradar+ about how's the game development working nowadays at DICE:

"We're not the Battlefield team. Some of us come from a history of working on Battlefield, and others, like myself, have never worked on Battlefield. There was never a sort of 'we're not going to make Battlefield.' It was more 'we're going to make it what we want it to be.'

I think that it was important for us to reboot Battlefront and to create something unique. We wanted it to fit the franchise. Battlefield is great, don't get me wrong, but we didn't really feel like just creating a skin on Battlefield was the way to go to do Star Wars justice".

Anyway, the Star Wars Battlefront is not denying the game is coming from DICE, so there's no running away from the Swedish developer signature's characteristics such as huge battlefields and vehicular combat.

"For people outside of DICE, it's an obvious point of reference because that's what they know about us. I think even for DICE itself, Battlefield is an obvious point of reference. If you think about 'what are the hallmarks of a DICE shooter?' Epic scale and great vehicular combat. That's a part of our DNA and that's obviously something that's so applicable to Star Wars as a franchise. So obviously we keep that and we do it in our way".

Looking at how the game's shaping up, it seems we can be really happy about DICE being for the first time ever in charge for a Star Wars title. As fans of the main movie series, we look forward to being able to play it ourselves.


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