PSN Down Worldwide (July 3), Affected Platforms Are PS4/PS3, Sony Still Silent, DDoS Attack On PSN?

PSN Down

This weekend starts with a bad note for PlayStation Network subscribers. It seems like PlayStation Network is down worldwide and affected platforms are PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. According to report coming out from Reddit, Twitter and other social network website, many PlayStation gamers are finding it difficult to connect to PlayStation Network.

PSN Down

This seems to be more of a DDoS attack on PlayStation Network as there was not scheduled mainteance planned for today from Sony. Here are some of the complaints from PSN subscribers on Twitter and Reddit:

"Should have got an #xboxone #psndown #psn

Why do you ruin every holiday playstation?! #psndown

You had one job... @PlayStation @AskPlayStation and that was to keep the servers up for at least one bloody week! #psndown #psn"

Let us know in the comment section below: what issue are you guys facing right now with PlayStation Network, do mention the platform?

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