Warner Bros Montreal Working On "Open World Superman Game", First Screenshot Leaked, Legit or Fake?

Warner Bros' Superman Game Leaked Screenshot

Recently, we covered a story on Warner Bros Montreal, the developer behind Batman: Arkham Origins, are hiring for their new unannounced open world project for next-gen platforms. Now it seems like this unannounced game from WB Montreal is an "Open World Superman Game".

Warner Bros' Superman Game Leaked Screenshot

The following screenshot (off-screen) was just leaked on interner, it showcase Superman Character model and a costume selection screen. The screenshot also list numerous abilities of Superman, and the User Interface has buttons of Xbox 360 controller.

The screenshot was leaked by Twitter user "Gaming Humor and News" with a message: "Possible leaked photo for an upcoming Superman video game from WB games Montreal". Whether this screenshot is legit or Fake, we left it to you to decide. Let us know in the comment section below, what do you guys think?

Warner Bros Montreal Superman Game

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