Rocket League Issues At Launch On PlayStation 4: Online Game Not Working, Overheat In The Main Menu

Rocket League

Rocket League launch has been a bit of a mess so far. The game is now available for free for those PlayStation 4 owners who have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus, but it's had a series of unexpected issues that are almost ruining many gamers' experience.

Rocket League

The developer Psyonix knows the game has some issues right now but is offering sarcastic answers on Twitter, like this, to keep the right mood with the players. Like this:

In particular, those issues are linked to the online side of Rocket League, which has been not available for hours because of the heavy server loads. Being mostly an online title, this is of course a huge problem, caused by the free launch that created much anticipation in fans.

An even more serious issue is represented by the overheat of PlayStation while the game is in the menu. This problem also occurred in the recent beta test, and shows up when you leave it in the menu screen for ten minutes. You will notice fans get more noisy than usual, in case.

Have you experienced any issue with Rocket League, or are you enjoying the free game with PlayStation Plus?

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