Tony Hawk: Shred Release Date Announced

Activison has given out the release date for their extreme sports game Tony Hawk: Shred. It will be coming out on October 26 (North America) and on October 29 (Europe) with or without board controller for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Tony Hawk: Shred

Tony Hawk: Shred will be very first game in the Tony Hawk video game series that will feature snowboarding.

"Tony Hawk: Shred is all about experiencing over-the-top, almost unbelievable GO BIG moments throughout the game - the kind of tricks and stunts that we can only hope to achieve as our sports continue to evolve," explained Tony Hawk. "I'm also excited about including snowboarding in Shred, because when we originally came up with the board motion-controller, we didn't just have skateboarding in mind, and it's nice to finally see that idea coming to fruition."

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