Quantum Break: Phil Spencer "Very Happy" He Gave Remedy More Time To Get The Game Ready For Gamescom

Quantum Break

Phil Spencer has spoken with a fan about Quantum Break and its upcoming showcase in two weeks, when Remedy will bring it at Gamescom 2015. As you might recall, Quantum Break has skipped E3 2015 because the Finnish developer needed a bit more time to show new content on stage.

Quantum Break

The Xbox Head has said he is very happy with how the game is shaping up after that slight delay, and that he is glad he provided Remedy with more time to run a proper presentation of it.

Recently, Microsoft announced Quantum Break won't be available in 2015, as previously scheduled, but only in 2016. Therefore, at Gamescom we expect to see some more in-game footage but also some clue about the new release date.

Remedy is the software house behind successful franchises like Max Payne and Remedy, and this is why there's great excitement in the wait of this massive Xbox One exclusive.

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