Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Releasing "Later" On Windows 10 PC, Phil Spencer Reveals

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

When Gears of War Ultimate Edition was announced for Windows 10 PC at E3 2015, Microsoft didn't reveal any detail about when the remaster would have been available for that platform. So, many gamers thought it was about to arrive on the store shelves on August 25, just like the Xbox One version.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Wrong. According to one of the latest tweets from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, the Xbox One release will come ahead of Windows 10 PC's.

There's not so much to be surprised: probably enough, Microsoft has taken this decision just to give the release for Xbox One more importance, when it comes to exclusive games for the platform and sales.

Once Xbox fans buy the Xbox One version, then Microsoft will be free to launch the game on Windows 10 PC too. We don't think you'll have to wait so much, anyway: expect Gears of War Ultimate Edition to release at maximum one or two months later.

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