Phil Explains Why Gears of War Remastered Won't Be At Gamescom, Microsoft Working To Release Gears 4 In Germany

Gears of War 4

Germany has really strict rules about violence in video games, and the Gears of War series has always struggled to launch over there. This time around, Microsoft won't even be able to bring the Gears of War Ultimate Edition at Gamescom, because of its rating.

Gears of War 4

This was confirmed by Xbox Head Phil Spencer, who was asked about this topic on Twitter by one of his fans. It's a shame, since the game is releasing in August and many players from all over the world would have wanted to play it before its arrival on the store shelves.

When asked it this could be a signal of what's going to happen to Gears of War 4 too, Spencer said Microsoft is working to make it possible to release the game also in Germany, where paradoxically the franchise has a great fan base.

Of course we hope to see the game released in as many countries as possible, especially because not allowing a video game to release in a certain nation, where the PEGI rating system is on, just because it is too violent… well, it doesn't look as modern as Germany actually is. Share your thought in the comments below.

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