Bioware Shares Mass Effect Andromeda vs Mass Effect 3 Screenshot, Shows Improvement Between In-Engine vs CGI

Mass Effect Andromeda vs Mass Effect 3

At E3 2015, Bioware officially announced the next instalment in Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The studio is still keeping their cards close to their chest as most of the details about Mass Effect Andromeda are still unknown. The announcement at E3 2015 was also dull and much more was expected from Bioware, but they just showcased a reveal trailer featuring lead protagonist (identity is still a mystery) and few other things here and there.

Mass Effect Andromeda vs Mass Effect 3

Thankfully over the year Bioware has released periodic updates for fans on all the behind-the-scene happenings of Mass Effect Andromeda development and today is no different. Bioware's Michael Gamble via Twitter has shared a comparison screenshot between Mass Effect 3 vs Mass Effect Andromeda (Cinematic vs In-Engine) showcasing how far the tech has come.

Gamble said: "Technology has opened up so many doors for us. For comparison, doing this scene in engine vs CG for ME3."

In addition to this, Bioware also shares a new developer diary giving fans an insight look at how the creative process works at Bioware.

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