PSJailbreak sales stopped in UK

When Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) prohibit the sale of the PS3 Modchips jailbreak in Australia, it was already almost completely disappeared from the retailer's shelves in the UK.

PS3 jailbreak modchip

As the UK authority UKIE (formerly ELSPA) reported, in many shops have already extended a threat to remove the jailbreak from the shelves. Sony goes against the rest now before the courts. Jailbreak the PS3 via USB port in a position to overturn the security mechanisms of the console and make pirated games run.

UKIE director general Michael Rawlinson said:

"Having our member, SCEE, respond so quickly to prevent the sale of illegal PS3 modification chips shows the commitment that the video games and interactive entertainment industry has to stamping out intellectual property theft,"

"Intellectual property theft is a hugely damaging crime both to the individuals whose creativity is stolen and to the businesses that make up Britain's video games and interactive entertainment industry."

Sony already stated that, they can detects PSJailbreak and Ban users on PSN. PSJailbreak website is no longer available for some time and no inquiries are handled any more.

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