New Gears of War 4 Concept Artwork Shows New Lead Protagonist JD and Kait

Gears of War 4 Character Concept Art

The Coalition has just released two new concept artwork of upcoming Xbox One exclusive game, Gears of War 4. These new set of artwork shows two new lead characters added to the series: "Kait and JD". You can check out the artworks below.

Gears of War 4 Character Concept Art

In addition to this, The Coalition also released two more artwork images showcasing Baird's character model from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is scheduled to launch on August 25 for Xbox One, and at a later date on PC. Gears of War 4 will launch at some point in 2016 exclusively on Xbox One.

At E3 2015, The Coalition showcased an impressive looking gameplay demo of Gears of War 4 running on Xbox One. If you are among one of those few unlucky ones who missed it, you can watch it below.

gears-of-war-4-character-concept-art-1.jpg gears-of-war-4-character-concept-art-2.jpg gears-of-war-ultimate-edition-concept-art-1.jpg gears-of-war-ultimate-edition-concept-art-2.jpg

How many of you think The Coalition will be able to carry forward the legacy of Gears of War series?

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