Onlive scraps its monthly fees subscription model

Onlive a well known name in cloud gaming service has scrapped their monthly fees plan that they take from gamers. A new two-tiered bussiness model has been adopted by OnLive which will now give gamers a more simpler and accessible services.


Steve Perlim CEO said, "The key thing for us is keeping it free simplifies our pricing structure so it is entirely based on games rather than on access, It gives us much more flexibility and it is easier to understand than a two-tiered structure. And, now we know the business model works,"

He further added that "We actually got the first indication that the business could be supported without a monthly fee when we let beta testers start purchasing games before we launched the service,"

"So, to hedge our bet, we established our Founding Member promotion to defer the monthly fee for a year for everyone. Well, after getting to scale, we found that what we had suspected was true: that the business model works without a monthly fee. This allows us to continue without a monthly fee on an ongoing basis." added Perlman.

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