Bethesda Don't Know Exact Timing For Fallout Shelter Android Release, says Fans Should Keep "Patience"

Fallout Shelter

Android users are eagerly awaiting the release of Fallout Shelter. It is scheduled to launch on August 13 (i.e. today), however the exact timing of release is not event know to the big executives of Bethesda. Pete Hines, Vice President Of Marketing at Bethesda has stated he is not aware of the time Fallout Shelter will launch on Android, but promised that it will arrive on August 13.

Fallout Shelter

On Twitter, Pete Hines said: "I dunno what time Shelter will be out for Android. It will be out tomorrow. I promise. #Patience"

Fallout Shelter is already out on iOS, and today it received the much awaited "Deathclaw update". So don't what's the exact reason behind this teasing delay in Android version of Fallout Shelter.

Are you among one of those Android users who are staying up waiting for Fallout Shelter release? Tell us in the comment section below.

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