Bungie Releases First Patch Update for Halo: Reach

A very first patch update for Bungie's Halo: Reach is out now which fixes many of the game issue in addtion to tweaking some of the existing core gametypes and playlists.

Halo: Reach

Here is the details about the Changes:

      Rumble Pit

  • Added Crazy King
  • Added Juggernaut
  • Removed Oddball on Asylum

      Team Slayer

  • Removed SWAT
  • Removed Classic
  • Weights adjusted based on voting data

      Team SWAT (New!)

  • Based on existing Team Slayer SWAT offering
  • Removed Hemorrhage
  • Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

      Big Team Battle

  •  Added Crazy King
  • Removed SWAT
  • Removed Snipers from Boneyard
  • Weights adjusted based on voting data


      Arena Zealot (New!)

  • Added a softkill zone to the space area
  • Modified initial spawns so enemies cannot see each other


  • Objects can no longer be dropped into the boot_base


  • Removed multiple duplicate Headhunter score zones

      Global Changes

  • Slayer DMR now has motion tracker enabled
  • Evade has replaced Hologram for all gametypes in which players can hold objects (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball)
  • Evade has replaced Dropshield for gametypes which create concentrated gameplay in specific areas (Crazy King, Territories, Oddball)
  • All Classic gametypes should now include Sprint as default equipment

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