2 Million PS4 Sold During Black Friday, Xbox One Saw “Strong Demand”

PlayStation 4 had an overwhelming demand during Black Friday, which resulted in 2 million consoles sold according to an Ubisoft employee. Based on Events Specialist and Team Leader Sunny Sanghera’s reported on Twitter, this is a huge figure for Sony’s console, pushed not only by sales but only by bundles, like the one with Watch Dogs 2.

Black Friday 2016 Sales Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox one

While it’s not an official statement coming from neither Sony nor sales trackers or analyst, it really gives us an idea of how much in demand PlayStation 4 currently is, thanks to new PS4 Slim and Pro models. Also, the news is supported by UK official sales, that saw PS4 breaking its own all-time sales record registered on last year’s Black Friday.

On the other hand, Microsoft provided an official statement where it says that Xbox One, also thanks to the Xbox One S coming cheaper at $249, had a “strong demand” throughout Black Friday. “There was strong demand for Xbox hardware, accessories, games and Xbox Live engagement on Black Friday, based on initial results, with a strong start to the holiday season,” VP of Xbox marketing Mike Nichols commented.


Sunny Sanghera, Ubisoft Even Specialist, has deleted the tweet, but we have the screenshot of it. Check it out.

Sunny Sanghera Deleted Tweet