Sony to stop selling PSP Development kits from November 15

This is just like adding fuel to the fire, already there has been many rumors regarding PSP2, now SCEE has informed to all developers via a notice that they will not be selling the PSP development kit after November 15.


The reason given out by SCEE is that the certification is going to expire for the current development kit

"Due to the certification on the current development and test tools expiring, we will be stopping selling them on November 15,”.

“However, we will continue to provide loan stock for registered and new developers, until a new certified model is available."

Here is what the notice reads which is giving to one of the Spanish distributor SCEE will no longer be selling the PSP development tool (dtp-t2000a) or testing tool (dtp-h2500a) and those that are in need of the kits should order them in advance before November 15 hits. Sony will then advise developers when a new model becomes available.

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