Get Mass Effect 2 DLC packs cheaper this week at Xbox Live

With Xbox live policy of offering contents cheaper every week, more affordable to users possessing a Xbox Live Gold account. This time users of the Xbox Live can buy downloadable content (DLC) packs of Mass Effect 2 cheaper than their original price.

Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper

Specifically, it has reduced Kasumi: Stolen Memory and Overlord packs at 400 Microsoft Points each. Kasumi: Stolen Memory adds a new character and loyalty mission to Mass Effect 2.  It also adds the sub-machine gun as a new obtainable weapon. Overlord features five new worlds to explore with the Hammerhead vehicle.

On the other hand, Blood Dragon Armor also available at reduced price (160 Microsoft Points), Mass Effect 2 Suit (160 Microsoft Points) and Helmet (80 Microsoft Points). The offer is valid until Monday 18 October. So friends get hurry if you haven't tasted them.

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