Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine: Week 53 (Sep 11) Exotic Weapons and Exact Location, First Xur Day Of Y2

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine

Destiny has a weekly vendor called "Xur Agent of the Nine" and he arrives in the tower every Friday to sell exotic items, upgrades and other things in exchange of Strange coins and Motes of Light. Today is Friday, Xur has arrived for Week 53 visit and he will remain in the tower from September 11-12. Want to know the exact location of Xur and what he is selling for this week?

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine

For Week 53, Xur Agent of the Nine is at:

Xur Agent of the Nine is at the Crucible Quartermaster.

And is selling:

Helm Of Inmost Light
Apotheosis Veil
No Land Beyond
Exotic Engram
Plasma Drive
Emerald Coil
Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Are you happy with Xur's inventory for Week 53? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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