Destiny: The Taken King List Of Strike Exclusive Loot Drops Leaked

Destiny: The Taken King

With The Taken King being always closer to the official release, more info are coming from the database of Destiny, recently upgraded with the patch 2.0.0. Today we learn everything about the Strike exclusive loot drops.

Destiny: The Taken King

Here's the list, then, of what you can get only by playing the new strikes coming with the expansion. Let us know in the comments below if there is something you won't want to renounce.

  • Helm of Krolok Helmet / Hunter Helmet It's like they say: Pride goeth before the fall
  • Solar Flayer Mantle Class Armor / Hunter Cloak A mantle of woven Solar energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Vatch.
  • Void Flayer Mantle Class Armor / Hunter Cloak A mantle of woven Void energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Numoc.
  • Arc Flayer Mantle Class Armor / Hunter Cloak A mantle of woven Arc energy strings taken from the Psion Flayer Kolar.
  • Cloak of Taniks Class Armor / Hunter Cloak He of the endless troves of arms, and legs, and hearts, and lungs, and…
  • Devouring Maw Helmet / Warlock Helmet Our enemies hunger for our knowledge.
  • Theosyion Vibrissae Gauntlets / Warlock Gauntlets Even in still air, Theosyion's tendrils continue to wave and twitch
  • Omnigul Bond Class Armor / Warlock Bond "The Will of Crota is broken at last. May Sai Mota's restless Light at last find peace." —Eris Morn
  • Darkblade Helm Helmet / Titan Helmet "Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, is laid low. And thus Vell Tarlowe is avenged." —Eris Morn
  • Mau'ual's Maulers Gauntlets / Titan Gauntlets Valus Mau'ual once thought himself mighty. Valus Mau'ual doesn't think much of anything anymore
  • Mark of the Undying Mind Class Armor / Titan Mark The Black Garden grows in both directions.
  • Imago Loop Primary Weapons / Hand Cannon …once-mighty wings, now dewy and fragile and new, as again the silken threads encased its...
  • Treads Upon Stars Primary Weapons / Scout Rifle Ghost has tried to translate this weapon's inscription, but the Cabal language has proven difficult to parse
  • Grasp of Malok Primary Weapons / Pulse Rifle "Dutiful Malok. Many offerings of Light did he make at the Shrines of Oryx." —Eris Morn
  • Does Not Bow Primary Weapons / Auto Rifle A Kell cut off his arms. He built himself new ones. Then he killed the Kell with them.
  • Darkblade's Spite Special Weapons / Fusion Rifle "In the Hive ways of old he challenged Oryx. He failed." —Eris Morn
  • Baron's Ambition Heavy Weapons / Machine Gun "To crack open that depraved Earth-Servitor. To use its secrets to reclaim the Great Machine..." —Translated from Fallen Language


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