Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Windows 10 PC Version Confirmed Not To Have Frame-Rate Cap

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

The Coalition has confirmed to Eurogamer that Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 won't have any cap when it comes to frame-rate. This version of the remaster will be among the first titles to support DirectX 12.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Here's a first statement about the frame-rate and the anti-aliasing methods to be supported by the new edition of Gears of War for PC.

"We have put significant effort into making the Windows 10 version a showcase at 4K, geo and textures were re-authored with 4K in mind so the visual fidelity will really scale up on higher end hardware. We plan to uncap the frame-rate and will ship with a built-in benchmark mode. For anti-aliasing we'll support MSAA and FXAA."

This mainly happens thanks to DirectX 12, which unloads a lot of charge from the CPU and will have an important role in granting at least 30 frames per second on older hardware:

"We are still hard at work optimizing the game. DirectX 12 allows us much better control over the CPU load with heavily reduced driver overhead. Some of the overhead has been moved to the game where we can have control over it. Our main effort is in parallelising the rendering system to take advantage of multiple CPU cores. Command list creation and D3D resource creation are the big focus here. We're also pulling in optimizations from UE4 where possible, such as pipeline state object caching. On the GPU side, we've converted SSAO to make use of async compute and are exploring the same for other features, like MSAA."

No words yet on the release date, but we expect more news about it to come later this year.

Have you tried Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One? Let us know what you think about both the remaster and the idea of this new PC version you might be willing to try.

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