Need for Speed Map To Be Twice As Big As 2013's Rivals, All Cars Unlocked

Need for Speed

Ghost Games has revealed a series of good tips about Need for Speed and how the new reboot of the series is shaping up. After the PC version was delayed, people needed to hear everything was fine at their end and, yes, it looks like the reboot is going to work pretty well.

Need for Speed

Among the new details, we have the amount of drivable roads, which is twice as big as 2013's Need for Speed Rivals (that I don't remember being so small, after all).

Same as the roads, cars will be all opened up from the start, meaning that there won't be any lock determined by your grade or skills. If you have enough in-game currency, you can buy whatever you want from the beginning of the game.

A bad news, even though you might have seen this coming, regards split-screen: Need for Speed won't support it, as the developer thinks it would have harmed the size of the map and the quality of the 1080p30 image.


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