IBM continues to work on the Cell chip - to be used in future consoles?

Jai Menon, Technical Director of System and Technology Group IBM said that they are currently working on developing Cell chip and other chips that are designed to come with brackets for use and will be used in next generation console.

"I think you'll see [Cell] integrated into our future Power road map. That's the way to think about it as opposed to a separate line - it will just get integrated into the next line of things that we do. But certainly, we are working with all of the game folks to provide our capabilities into those next-generation machines,"

He further goes on to say that "We want to stay in the business, we intend to stay in the business,"

The Cell chip is an integral component of IBM's strategy in the field of hybrid and multi-core chips. It is unclear, but to what extent the development is being promoted as the Cell chip in addition to the PS3 are rarely used and other chips can also provide similar services.

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