Bungie Deploys Destiny Patch, Fixes Xur's Three of Coins Exotic Engram Exploit

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine

Bungie has just released the new patch for Destiny, including a fix to the Three of Coins Exotic Engram exploit recently discovered by The Taken King users. The patch also improves activities like quests and strikes, inventory, world and Xur.

Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine

"With the first week of Destiny: The Taken King behind us, we're taking an opportunity to address and tackle some of the immediate issues that are impacting the player experience", Bungie says.

Take a look at the entire report of fixes in the list below:

Fixed an issue with Year 1 Moments of Triumphs in which Golden Chest node completions were disappearing after TTK release


Fixed an issue where players who reached Level 40 before turning in the Reach Level 30 objective did not properly receive the Level 40 quest
Fixed an issue where the quest “High Value Targets” did not correctly reward Legendary Marks upon completion

Fixed an issue where Year 1 Strikes were not dropping Uncommon and Rare quality gear as intended

Some treasure chests in the Dreadnaught are now in a location that only allow them to be looted once per spawn

Three of Coins now provides a smaller increase in Exotic Engram drop chance when rapidly killing Ultras

Dismantling leveled-up Exotics now have a reduced chance to produce 2 Exotic Shards

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