Konami: MGS Series Doesn't Really Need Hideo Kojima, Not Leaving Console Gaming

Kojima vs Konami Split

In a recent video interview, Graham Day, Konami UK community manager, has discussed the future of Konami and its historical bran Metal Gear Solid. Even though it's yet to be confirmed that Hideo Kojima will be leaving the company in the next few months, he said Konami can do it without the original creator of the series and that it's not leaving the console gaming market.

Kojima vs Konami Split

According to Day, a good example of what's going on with the next Metal Gear Solid games is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which still is a Metal Gear game and has been produced by an external partner like Platinum Games.

"It's all about story, characters", so the franchise doesn't really need Kojima to further develop and carry on with the story, maybe in some brand new, unexplored region.

Talking about the future, Day thinks PES 2016's tagline "look the past, play the future" is another good example of how things are shaping up at Konami.

While it's running the console business as usual, the Japanese company thinks mobile gaming will be much more important in the short and mid terms, so it wants to be  ready for when that market will be relevant, too. But this doesn't mean there will be any transition.

Take a look at the interview below and, as usual, express your thoughts about the Konami-gate in the comments below.


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