MGS V: The Phantom Pain Oct 6 Patch Changelog Revealed, MGO Expected Unlock Time Also Announced

MGS V: Metal Gear Online

Konami has finally detailed the changes that will be coming with October 6 patch for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Please note this patch is different from Metal Gear Online (which is also scheduled to launch on October 6). MGO is an add-on and not an update, and due to this MGS V: The Phantom Pain players will have to go to PlayStation Store and start the downloading manually, once it is made available in the region you live in.

MGS V: Metal Gear Online

According to reports, Metal Gear Online download is already up on Japanese PlayStation Store, it weighs 950MB in size (after downloading you won't be able to get online until the servers are live, which is expected to unlock at 8am UK/10am CET/Midnight PST).

Metal Gear Online Download

Now coming to the changes MGS V October 6 patch will carries: it adds new Event FOB, new equipment, improvements to on-screen User Interface and many other things. We have the short list below for you, take a look, details on each change can be found the SOURCE line below. Many of you might not live some of the FOB changes, it seems like Konami has just added them so that they can sell players more FOB coins. However, new weapons and equipment addition is indeed a welcome addition.

  • New "Event FOB" missions added
  • FOB insurance service begins
  • New and improved missions for Combat Deployment (Online) Rewards also get a huge boost!
  • New equipment added! A higher level of performance... Grade 7
  • Night vision equipment can now be developed for your Security Team staff
  • Infiltrate without leaving a trace
  • FOB expansion time reduction now available
  • Improvements to on-screen UI elements and point scoring
  • GMP and materials limits are greatly increased online


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