The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.10: List Of All New Bugs and Glitches

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Reddit community has always been really active when it came to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it still is now that the patch 1.10 is out to underline what's good and what's bad in it. According to a thread opened up by user Finnbhennach, there are a few "minor/major" bugs CD Projekt RED should work on soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

"There are people already coming across major/minor bugs with the latest update. This topic is here so people can know what kind of problems to expect and maybe delay updating until a hotfix is released", are the first lines you can see in the topic.

Then, there's a list with the bugs encountered so far:

  • Completed quests are marked as failed:
  • Lost Armour sets, weapons and horse Armour from saves:
  • It is reported by /u/stylishpillow that upon loading the save everything was lost and the character is naked
  • Minor UI bug in settings menu as reported by /u/robsonsn that some strings of text do not appear
  • Found on the armorer dismantle Tab that no stats are displayed for selected items
  • Noticed a new problem : some of my non:set items become very high level (71:80), before 1.10 they was 60:70.
  • "Can launch the game without problems but cannot load the game as the save requires the free dlc's which are gone. There's also no Downloadable Content tab in the game menu. The DLC's are also gone from my GoG Galaxy and I cannot see them under the downloads tab on" /u/milendarcey This could actually be the reason behind lost Armour sets as some of them are brought by DLCs. So check your game settings to see if all are enabled.
  • (A): The quest Scavenger Hunt Wolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams : Part 1 is bugged. Chests are there, Wolf markings are on the walls but can't open them. Maybe it's happening with another set quests. Also the objectives duplicate in the quest log, simply 1 says complete the other is not.
  • (B): In DLC quest Where the Cat and the Wolf Play, the girl's footprints end where they begin, even after you pick the doll. The prints are missing therefore I can't continue the quest because the girl does not "spawn".
  • "HUD Toggle (listed in patch notes) does not appear to be implemented."
  • Achievements on Galaxy still not working. I've just tried getting Killed it, wouldn't work. Other achievements haven't been activated retroactively (e.g. Dendrologist, Gwent Master, Munchkin).
  • Yennefer is missing from the game. She's present in cutscenes, but outside of them she's just gone (no model, no sound, no sign of her where she's supposed to be). Probably has something to do with all this DLC related bugs and with the fact that I never had Yen's alternate look DLC installed. Triss and Ciri show up fine (never had their DLCs installed too).
  • Just updated and i still can't complete the nobleman and soldier statuette. I'm coming from a fresh install. triss just sands there after getting to the bits from dandelion's inn
  • I got to the end of Where the Cat and Wolf Play.. and the other witcher is completely frozen when I enter combat with him
  • The resolution bug: Going from a higher resolution (4K) to a lower one (1440P) will make the screen difference between the two black so you are playing only in a small quarter of the screen. Fixed by saving settings and running the game again. and A weird mouse bug in the menu, where If i hover the mouse in upper-middle of the screen vertically It will switch between tabs/modules.
  • NG+ entered combat in the sewer under the Rosa Var Attre house in Novigrad. Ran from the water hag. Combat music wouldn't end, people would run away from me in the city. Went back killed the water hag, This happened (combat music then ended and everything back to normal)
  • I've just installed (on Xbox One) and aren't getting any quest markers on the world map if it's outside the region I'm in. i.e. if I'm in Novigrad and have a quest in Skellige selected, if I go onto the map for Skellige no quest markers appear.
  • I have random visual bug after patch 1.10. In legs Geralt has red box. Update: Problem is with Nilfgaardian Gloves. When u wear them, then red box appear. It must be problem with DLC's then
  • This also happens in 1.08 update but, it doesn't harm to put it in here. When starting NG+, some potions/oils duplicate. I have both superior tawny oil and the regular one at the same time.
  • I have encountered another thing, Shadow's seem A LOT worse even on the highest settings.
  • Steam version: All the icons keep completely dissappearing on every item in the game, both in loot windows and in my inventory. There's a color stripe indicating the items quality where the picture should be but no actual icon there.
  • On PC, if you have both delusion and puppet skills equipped, the alternate Axii skill casting is VERY buggy. You can hold down the cast button, but it will only cast puppet about 30-40% of the time.
  • Several players have reported that after leaving a conversation, world becomes blurred for a short period of time.
  • X-box One user here - Merchants - pressing left trigger to compare items no longer works on armor and saddles in shop inventory

CD Projekt RED community manager Marcin Momot has also written a few lines in the same thread, saying thanks to all the players underlining issues with the patch 1.10.

"Thanks for reporting all these. Our QA team is browsing this topic as well as our forums. The NG+ crafted items bug will be fixed on PC over the weekend and should be also addressed soon on consoles."

This patch comes a few days ahead of Hearts of Stone launch, which is set for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 13.


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