Spencer Discusses Portable Xbox, Xbox One Slim, Backwards Compatibility For Windows PC And Kinect

Xbox One Slim

Phil Spencer and the Xbox team have participated to Brasil Game Show, recently held in the South American country, providing a lot of details to journalists asking tout court questions regarding the Xbox One universe: Xbox One Slim, Kinect, portable Xbox and… Minecraft.

Xbox One Slim

Regarding Kinect, Spencer has clarified Microsoft is still supporting the platform and he's personally glad to see people keeps caring about it when it comes to some games (Dance Central, Kinect Sports Rivals) or Skype and other apps using the camera. Developers still have the chance to invest on the platform, as well, so it's up to them.

About Minecraft and Mojang, the Xbox boss remarked the reasons why Microsoft decided to buy both the brand and the former indie developer. Microsoft's desire is now to have the Xbox experience spanned across the biggest number of devices possible, which paradoxically means PlayStation, too, and Nintendo consoles. They don't want people to invest on further gaming hardware, and this is basically the reason why they have never produced a portable console.

Spencer also discussed the idea of Xbox One Slim. He said there's nothing to talk about now, since nothing is in the works in this moment, but "surely you'll see something like that in the machine's life cycle". The Xbox head underlined Xbox One is working pretty well from a hardware point of view currently, so there's no need to launch a revision in the short term.

Last but not least, he has provided a personal vision about backwards compatibility, as he would like to have original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles working not only on Xbox One but on Windows PC, too. He wants to do that, but it's a matter of "priority": there are more urgent things to do at Xbox.


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