Destiny Patch 2.0.1 Seems To Have Leaked Additional Micro-Transactions

Destiny: The Taken King

The latest Destiny patch has made it clear Bungie won't stop to cosmetic stuff like Emotes when it comes to micro-transactions. The bigger picture has Destiny becoming a completely micro-transaction run game, abandoning the current “six months for a DLC and one year for an expansion” model in favor of free downloadable missions.

Destiny: The Taken King

To do that, anyway, Bungie has bring some more micro-transactions in the game. Something people will be more engaged in, more willing to invest they're money on in comparison with the – honestly – useless Emotes.

Here's what, according to the files found in the latest Destiny patch:

  • Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next King's Fall foe.
  • Increases likelihood of weapon and armor drops from your next Heroic King's Fall foe.
  • Fully levels your currently equipped subclass.
  • Contains a Level 25 Boost, Subclass Infusion, and Telemetries.
  • Grants an additional Moldering Shard when conquering a foe in King's Fall.
  • Mementos that brag of past military successes. An inspiration to defeat the Cabal. Increases XP gain from Cabal for 10 minutes.

So, this is a full list of items that supposedly fasten the game experience increasing the drop rateo, boosting the levels, etc. While it could be an incredible resource of revenues for Bungie and Activison, all this could potentially harm the balance of the game.

So our hope is the Seattle developer knows what it's going to happen due to the future release of this micro-transactions scheme into the title and takes the proper measures to run Destiny the great way it's always been run so far.

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