Star Wars Battlefront Level Artist Reiterates Season Pass Contents Have Not Been Cut Off The Game

The popular YouTube channel AngryJoeShow has provided one of its gaming related "rants", where he claims Star Wars Battlefront doesn't live up to the Battlefront franchise and DICE has cut contents from the main game on purpose just to deliver an expensive season pass to all of the fans.

Star Wars: Battlefront

DICE's level artist Daniel Cambrand doesn't think so, of course, and he showed up on Twitter his reluctance in front of this kind of statements. Regarding the video itself, Cambrand said that it's "highly unimpressive, he's wrong on so many facts and is outright guessing, yet rants like he knows. Its tiring & cliche tbh".

Nothing has been cut off the game, the level artist reiterated in another tweet. Moreover, he made it clear that, in order to include all of the contents coming with the season pass, Star Wars Battlefront should have been delayed "by a ton".

In relation with the original Star Wars Battlefront series, finally, Cambrand also said the Swedish team is trying to honor the work Pandemic has done on it with this reboot.

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