Codemasters reveals F1 2010 Patch Details

Shortly after the release of F1 2010, Codemasters already announced a correction to patch for the game to fix the annoying problems.

F1 2010 screenshot

Now it seems to take too much longer and the patch details are delivered. Codemasters has published full details of Patch fixes:

  1. Corrupt Save Games – We have identified an over-zealous anti-cheating check that manifested as falsely identified corrupt saves, specifically the ones relating to practice and R&D upgrades, the save-games should now load without issue. However if any of you are experiencing corrupt saves outside of this then please continue to send your PS3 save game files to us  (Xbox360 & PC saves aren’t of any use to us) and we can test these against the latest patch to see whether all instances of this issue have now been fixed.
  2. AI not pitting in dry races where a mandatory pit stop was required (20% or more) – This has been fixed.
  3. Player held in pit-stop too long – We’ve improved exit logic so that it isn’t too cautious in holding players during a pit-stop.
  4. Puncture frequency reduced – The likelihood of players suffering punctures has been reduced.
  5. Pit-stop lock-ups – Fixed several instances which caused the pit crew to lock-up and not be able to service the cars.
  6. Automatically updating race strategy – Selecting prime tyres from the tyre menu (over default option) now updates the strategy so that the pit-crew assign options during the pit stop as opposed to re-attaching another set of primes (in a dry race of 20% or more).
  7. First lap calculates correctly – The lap time for the first lap of the race now calculates correctly, from the lights going out as opposed to the cars crossing the start line.

F1 2010 patch will be published as soon as possible in the next few weeks.

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