PS4 Firmware 4.0 Survey Leaked, Sony Asking PS4 Owners About Release Date and Most Important Features

PS4 Firmware 4.0

It seems like Sony is already working on the next major PlayStation 4 Firmware, called PS4 Firmware 4.0. Earlier today, a neogaf user received a survey application from Sony asking him to list out things he want to see in next PlayStation 4 firmware (PS4 Firmware 4.0) and what is the best suited release window for it.

PS4 Firmware 4.0

Neogaf user Saint of Killers received an invite from Sony (check out the screenshots posted below as a proof of it) to participate in a survey on PS4 firmware 4.0. The survey started with a blank box, but towards the end of it, options fields popped out, with the query for participants on most desired features for PS4 Firmware 4.0. Also, the survey ended with a query for participants: when would they like to release PS4 firmware release.

 Got a PS survey (invite only). They ask for suggestions in a blank box but toward the end this popped up. Looks like they've been paying attention to what people have been asking about.

Some of the interesting features mentioned for PS4 in the survey are Custom backgrounds, folders option, changing PSN name, PS1/PS2 classics for PS4 and many other things. You can check out the full list below.

ps4-firmware-4-survey-screenshot-1.png ps4-firmware-4-survey-screenshot-2.png

It seems like good days are ahead for PlayStation community because firms have used surveys as a mean to gauge the interest of gamers in certain features or games, and this method have been proven effective when it comes to firms delivering future content for consoles.


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