Ubisoft Reveals List of Improvements and New Features to be added to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Recently Ubisoft wrapped up the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood closed beta, and in that beta time frame they received tons of feedbacks from various section of

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The good news is that Ubisoft has shortlisted some of the suggestion which will be implemented in the final version of the game's multiplayer mode.

Here is the details of it:

Improvements / Fixes:

  • Improved Matchmaking System (faster)
  • Improved Kill Cams Setup
  • Improved Spawning System (better distribution of targets, better spawn points and team specific spawns
  • Improved Contract Distribution System for Wanted Mode
  • Improved Abilities Balancing
  • Improved Smoke Bomb Ability (faster execution and more efficient effect)
  • Improved Scoring Display (Score are now displayed during Kill Cams)
  • Improved Ragdoll System (during Kills / Humiliations)
  • Improved Lock Mechanism (more precise and responsive)
  • Improved Overall Stability
  • Improved Replication (players Pop-ups / Crowd)
  • Improved Character Control While Climbing
  • Improved Escapes (double and triple escapes are easier to do)
  • Improved Sounds
  • Improved Humiliation (Stun) Rules in Wanted
  • Improved End Game Screen (simpler and clearer)
  • Improved Gentle Push blended in a group (Doesn’t remove the player from the group)
  • Bug Fix: Some Lag in the Menus
  • Bug Fix: Double Skin in a Session
  • Bug Fix: Hard Humiliation in a Smoke Bomb
  • Bug Fix: AI standing on benches
  • Bug Fix: All HUD disappears until the end of the session , except Compass and Timer
  • Bug Fix: The user gets stunned and can’t stand up anymore
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the morph doesn’t work on NPCs sitting on a bench

New Features:

  • New Rematch System (new map at each Rematch [beta rematches in the same map])
  • New Group Lobby System (leader actions are visible by all the players)
  • Teammate Indicators in Alliance Mode (showing his status and better visibility)
  • Gun and Firecrackers Crowd Reaction
  • Pursuer Warning Sound (whispers can be heard when your pursuer is around)
  • Player Levels in Player List
  • Team Score in Menus

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