Fallout 4 Has A Game Breaking Bug At Monsignor Plaza In A Settlement Quest, No Fix Yet

Fallout 4 Game Breaking Bug Discovered

Fallout 4 is massive in terms of scale and size, and so there is a possibility that some bugs/glitches didn't caught the attention of Bethesda and are remain unfixed. One such bug (a serious and a big one, Game Crashing bug) seems to have been discovered by players on Reddit and Bethesda forums.

Fallout 4 Game Breaking Bug Discovered

This bug is termed as a "Fallout 4 Game Crashing" bug by the player and is related to a settlement quest which tasks player to go to Monsignor Plaza. As soon as player arrives at Monsignor Plaza, Fallout 4 simply crashes (to desktop) without any error message. This is a widespread issue and has been experienced on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

No temporary workaround has been discovered yet and players who have experienced the glitch has lost hope for it as well and are not waiting for a patch from Bethesda to fix this nasty glitch. A note from Gamepur to all Fallout 4 players: Just make sure you avoid visiting "Monsignor Plaza" until this nasty issue is fixed by Bethesda.


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