Microsoft to Release Xbox Live Fall Update Today

Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox Live Fall update today and guess what this new Fall update will adds lots of new features which includes addition of ESPN3 TV, and a fix for some minor tweaks like Netflix gaining search capabilities for movies and many more things.

Xbox Live

Here is the details of Xbox Live Fall Update:

Addition of ESPN 3 TV:

  • This will allow users streams and watch various sports on their Xbox 360. A replay feature will be available incase if users forget or miss out on the action the other day.
  • ESPN 3 will also comes with a support for Kinect Voice Command.

Fix for Some Minor Tweaks:

  • Users will now be able to sign out other controllers with the use of any of the Xbox remote.
  • Netflix gaining search capabilities for movies
  • Avatars will now become more realistic so that it work more perfectly for Kinect games.

Improvements to Xbox Live Party Chart:

This update will allow gamers the ability to have a party or private chart within the dashboard and it will also allow the use of new audio codec for having a
better sound quality.

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