Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 Port Outdoing XB1/PC Ports Combined, Marketing Deal For Sony Was Worth It

Star Wars: Battlefront

It seems like marketing deal between Sony and EA for Star Wars: Battlefront is paying off really well as PlayStation 4 version of Star Wars: Battlefront is outdoing Xbox One and PC version combined. The details come from a guy who earlier a Battlefield Stats website, recently he launched his Battlefront Stats site and the figures of currently online players are as follows: PC: 41,425 (24h peak: 49,871), Xbox One: 110,704 (24h peak: 110,817), PS4: 179,511 (24h peak: 187,286). The total comes to 331,640.

Star Wars: Battlefront

When asked for a clarification from where and how this Battlefront Currently online player stats are generated? The site owner replied: "They are fetched every 5 minutes from EA's servers where all players are connected to. We don't calculate anything ourselves. These are direct numbers for every platform."

Star Wars: Battlefront is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Let us know in the comment section below: On which platform are you guys playing Star Wars: Battlefront and how the experience has been so far?


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